SOUTHERN MARYLAND — On July 21, 2022, Chris Palombi issued the following statement after securing the nod to face off against Steny Hoyer for a second time in the November General Election.

“I am truly humbled and honored for the support.

Running in 2020, we were very limited in outreach due to COVID restrictions. Our campaign outreach for the primary was nearly exclusive to social media.

Now that everything is open, the campaign has been able to build off the experience and momentum from 2020, and run and much more effective campaign. It was great meeting and talking with many voters, regardless of political affiliation, throughout the district.

 I understand running for this seat with an R next to the name is a challenge historically.

In 2020, while I lost to Congressman Steny Hoyer, we made in-roads flipping 9 precincts, even earning votes from many Independents and Democrats in Southern Maryland. 

Nearly everyone is voicing their frustration with inflation, government overreach, and the misuse of their tax dollars. DC is broken and the decisions being made by current leadership are negatively affecting everyone, regardless of their political stance. Times are different now, and more people care about kitchen table issues, how to make ends meet with their wallets, and empowering ‘We the People’, than a letter next to someone’s name.

America is the land of opportunities, of second chances, to learn, grow and come back stronger.

I would also like to thank everyone who tirelessly volunteered their time to spread campaign awareness.”

Chris Palombi for Congress

Congressional Candidate

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  1. Please, Maryland… Vote Steny out! We can’t let this career politician keep going and destroying this State. Vote Palombi!

  2. Agreed
    Inflation is out of control
    Go to the grocery once a week and look at the prices going up up up
    Enough is enough
    Hoyer has gotten rich off his position and we’re all suffering

  3. Yes please vote Steny out. We need a change. We need fresh blood in there. Need new blood please.

  4. Our grandson Chris is a loyal loving and caring person.
    He wilk work for the people of Maryland. He will stsnd up for the people of Maryland.
    His honesty and integrity will go much further then what Hoyer has done in 40 years.
    If bull —- was asphalt the Dems could pave all roads in thr U.S.A.
    Love his, Nana & Pap of Pa

  5. Time for a change……..Congress will NEVER approve Term Limits, so the voters regardless of part affiliation must vote beyond status quo, same ol’-same ol’.
    After all, this shouldn’t be about what’s best for the “party” or the individual politicians, but what’s best for Southern Maryland, the State of Maryland, and these United States!

    Mr. Hoyer has done well for the region and the state over his tenure, but it’s time to separate from the clutches of Democratic Party Leadership and Mrs. Pelosi!

  6. And here we are again, people commenting who seem to possess zero knowledge of this country’s system of govt. We don’t need to check IDs at the polls, we need to check IQs.

  7. Y’all gotta get him outa’ there. I get so tired of hearing about how he keeps the Navy here. Everybody knows it was me that brought them here and that’s why they stay. Truth be told, Steny fell in with a bad crowd up in the capitol city. Ain’t been right since. Vote Palombi!

  8. We are so proud of our grandson.
    We pray he beats this Hoyer also.
    So much dirty work among the Dems, they want to turn us communism, but more honest men like Chris will fight for we the American people who were born here and love our USA.
    You go grandson, fight, fight, fight.
    We love you. Pap & Nana of Pa.

  9. Hoyer is one of the swamp creatures. Chris is a breath of fresh air for the state of MD and will do great things for our country!

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