Steve Hall and Jaymi Sterling
Steve Hall and Jaymi Sterling
Steve Hall and Jaymi Sterling

LEONARDTOWN, Md. — As results rolled in from the polls of the Maryland Primary Election on July 19, we are starting to see some projected winners in St. Mary’s County.

The first of those winners appears to be in the sheriff’s race.

Steve Hall, currently leads his two other opponents, John O’Connor and Todd Fleenor, by a wide margin. Hall leads O’Connor by approximately 5,190 votes at this time, while mail in ballots are yet to be counted.

Another projected winner is the St. Mary’s County State’s Attorney.

Jaymi Sterling has beaten her old boss, Richard Fritz, by a wide margin. She currently leads him by approximately 4,297 votes, a 22% margin of victory.

While approximately 4,300-4,500 votes are still to be counted on July 21 according to election officials, these margins of victory appear to be unlikely to flip.

We are still working to determine other local election results across Southern Maryland.

We will continue to provide updates on the political landscape over the next few days.

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  1. Great job by Jamie and her team we welcome the opportunity to bring ethics and respect back to St. Mary’s County

  2. I couldn’t be happier that the O’ Connors appear to be on the way out. Now about those stop signs on Dr. Johnson Road…….

  3. Congratulations Jaymi! It’s time for change in St Mary’s. Good ole boy system going bye bye

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