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PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. — On Tuesday, August 30th, the Calvert County Board of Commissioners, along with the Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse and the Twin Beach Opioid Abuse Awareness Committee, officially recognized and commemorated International Overdose Awareness Day.

For those who might not know, International Overdose Awareness Day takes place annually on August 31st. 

It was created in 2001 by a woman named Sally J Finn while she was at The Salvation Army location in St. Kilda, Melbourne, and Victoria, Australia, to remember those who have tragically passed away from drug overdoses.

Since then, countries across the world have recognized the day and held various events to commemorate it.

This day is particularly relevant around Maryland and DC due to the impact that the American Opioid Crisis has had on the region.

The proclamation was given by Board President Earl “Buddy” Hance. 

Jane Bennets of Emmanuel Reformed Church Celebrate Recovery was one of the many people there to accept this recognition.

“We’re on the front lines dealing with the opioid epidemic in our communities,” Bennets said. 

“…The response has been touching. So many people would just break down and cry as we handed out purple light bulbs. They have lost so many loved ones and it is time to break the stigma of drug overdose and mental illness in our county and save lives.”  

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  1. It is incredible that we acknowledge national overdose awareness day and lower flags to half mast. Just INCREDIBLE. I have known three people who have died from COVID. ive known 40 plus people who have died from an overdose (unintentionally). In fact, just two days ago another acquaintance overdosed. His obituary has t even made it to the paper yet. With so much money spent during COVID. With so much being done by our government to facilitate the care of these covid infected individuals, im glad to know the investment for drug addicted america is a day to commemorate them by lowering the flag for tbem

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