nas pax river
nas pax river

UPDATE – 2:00 pm -Lovell Cove scene is secured. Lift Shelter in Place for Lovell Cove residents. All Patuxent River Gates are open. Base to resume normal operations.

NAVAL AIR STATION PATUXENT RIVER, Md. – 1:00 pm – Shots reported in Lovell Cove Housing. NAS Pax River emergency personnel are on site, and the scene has been declared secure.

All personnel in Lovell Cove are directed to shelter in place until further notice for safety.

All others avoid the location until further notice.

MEDEVAC was requested for one patient suffering from a gunshot wound. MSP Trooper 7 arrived at Naval Air Station Patuxent River and is awaiting for the patient to transport.

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    1. Each member who lives on base must register any rifle or pistol….they have. It’s not illegal to own a gun, just register it on base

    2. I believe the rules are if you own any firearms that you must store them in the base armory. Now, I don’t know if thats for the entire installation or just for people who reside in the barracks and/ or the housing area. I have been retired from the Military for over 30 years now and I do know about the personnel living in the barracks definitely can’t keep weapons in their rooms and as far as base housing that may be a different set of rules. And as far as it not being legal to own weapons on base is like saying that Chicago where guns are illegal but, look at all the shooting deaths they have a year and on three day weekend holidays they may have 60 to over a hundred shooting. But, only 15 to 20 of those shot are murdered while the others are either just wounded or maimed for life.

    3. Since when, weren’t guns allowed on base? If you live in base housing and are a legal gun owner, you can have them. If you are authorized to hunt on base, and they are registered with the base, you can bring them on…to hunt.

  1. You’d think a military base would be swarming with good guys with guns…it’s the only deterrent to shootings according to the NRA.

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