Callaway, MD — Aaron Charles Carter was only nine when he first rose to music stardom back in 1997

He’s been riding the celebrity wave ever since, sometimes at the leading edge and other times in the trough.  Now, he is coming to Park Rock Fest 2019 at the 5 South Event Center, Callaway MD on August 31st, riding the top of a new wave after the release of his new album. Love, his fifth studio album was released by Sony Music last year.

 Arron entered the music scene at the age of 7, as the lead singer of Dead End, a  Tampa, Florida alternative rock band that formed after the members met at a local rock school. 

He left the band after two years to pursue his interest in pop-rock. His older brother, Nick, was 19 at the time and a member of the Backstreet Boys, arranged for his first solo appearance. Carter opened for the Backstreet Boys in Berlin in March 1997, singing a cover of The Jets’ “Crush on You.”

A recording deal followed with a gold records in Norway, Spain, Denmark, Canada, and Germany.  In June,1998 the album was released in the United States.  By 2000, Arron was a 12-year-old teen heart throb in the US.

When his next album, “Aaron’s Party” (Come Get It) was released in September 2000 under the Jive label, it sold more than three million copies and was certified 3x platinum by RIAA. 

He made appearances on Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, and Broadway. A year later at the age of 13, Carter recorded the album “Oh Aaron” that also went platinum performed a live concert at Baton Rouge, Louisiana,  that was released to DVD as “Oh Aaron: Live In Concert”. 

The next few years had their ups and downs.  Aarons released two albums, “Another Earthquake!” and a greatest hits album, guest-starred on television shows like ‘7th Heaven’ and starred in the film ‘Popstar’ for which he released the song. “Saturday Night” and another film, ‘Supercross’ plus summer 2005 Remix Tour. 

Carter and his siblings starred in a reality show, House of Carters, which ran in October–November 2006 on E! 

Then the lows stared on both the professional and personal front. There were lawsuits for unpaid royalties by his former manager Lou Pearlman and one from another label citing that Carter allegedly reneged on a recording deal for a contract he signed when he was a minor.

He famously dated both Lindsay Lohan along with his girlfriend Hilary Duff; leading to a feud between the two.  In 2006, it was reported that Carter was engaged to former beauty queen and Playboy model Kari Ann Peniche, but he broke off the engagement soon after.

A bright spot in the midst of his troubles was Carter’s fifth-place finish in the 2009 season of Dancing with the Stars.

In January  2011, Carter’s manager announced that he had entered a treatment facility “to heal some emotional and spiritual issues. 

Carter took to the road for the first time in eight years in 2013 with the After Party Tour, which included over 150 shows in the United States and Canada. But the tour couldn’t fix his financial woes, and Carter filed for bankruptcy in November 2013 to shed more than $3.5 million in debt.

Carter kept busy, touring and releasing new music but the hard times weren’t over.

 On July 15, 2017, Carter was arrested in Georgia on suspicion of driving under the influence,  The following September, Carter appeared on the talk show ‘The Doctors’, to discuss his gaunt appearance and drug-related arrests  A series of tests revealed Carter was suffering from candida infection and the effects of mixing prescription drugs he took for anxiety and sleep issues.

Carter subsequently admitted himself to Alo House, a treatment center in Malibu, California. In February 2018, Carter reported improvement in his condition including therapy for coping with the May 2017 death of his father and a later breakup with a longtime girlfriend.  He also released “Love” (stylized as LØVË), his fifth studio album It’s Carter’s first studio album in sixteen years.

 When asked what made him want to get back into the music arena, Carter told Cincy Music. “I just wanted to prove that I could produce my own music, that I could write my own music, and that I could identify with it so that it would be me. A lot of people don’t know the experience I’ve had with music and the bands I grew up with. I learned so much from these old school cats and I picked up on a lot of stuff”

“This time around, record sales and accolades don’t matter. It’s about the art. “I have something to prove,” he said in an interview with Business Insider. “I was driving a 6.0 Lamborghini Diablo when I was 12 years old, we had 12 cars in our driveway, we had 12 houses, five dogs, two 70-foot yachts, 20 golf carts…This stuff didn’t matter to me. Love matters to me.”