Berts 50s Diner

MECHANICSVILLE, Md. – After 37 years, Bert’s 50’s Diner will be closing on Sunday, March 13, 2022. Bert Gagnon, 83, and his wife Margie started the business together in 1985. Ever since then they have been a staple as not only one of the hottest restaurants in town but also for their many community contributions.

Bert’s Diner was host to many community events that ranged from car shows to birthday parties. No matter the occasion, Bert’s was always the place for great food and desserts. Along with the classic 50’s theme, the restaurant truly gave Southern Maryland something unique.

However, after rumors and allegations of crime that had taken place at the diner made waves on social media towards the end of January, 23 employees left the restaurant. However, these reports were found to be false following a police investigation that took place, according to the owner.

After this incident, the restaurant wasn’t able to recover. They have been struggling to find help, which has forced them to come to the difficult decision of shutting down.

That hasn’t stopped some people from trying, however. Many people have been contacting Bert’s Diner to ask if they could help in any way. Although, Bert stated that this decision was pretty much final.

“We’ve enjoyed doing this, we love our customers, and they are very loyal,” Bert and Margie told

The yellow car with red flames has been an iconic symbol for the area, and hopefully, this isn’t the end entirely.

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  1. Ate here many times. Good food, Good service and Good friends. Hope this isn’t the end, but the beginning of someone else’s dream!

  2. “…after RUMORS and ALLEGATIONS of crime that had taken place at the diner made waves on SOCIAL MEDIA towards the end of January, 23 employees left the restaurant. These reports were found to be FALSE following a police investigation that took place, according to the owner.”
    See the problem again? Almost all of the servers there were young people who’d believe anything they hear w/o having the facts. Then they react by quitting when NOTHING had actually happened!!! This is just how FB, Twitter and the media have all contributed to the Biden effect on America…

    1. Wow….that was REALLY stupid. Old crusty people, like yourself, believe everything they read on Brietbart and Red State. You believe everything you hear on Fox and One America. We have Joe Biden as President because gullible fools, like you, couldn’t nominate and vote for a qualified Republican in 2016. Naturally, you won’t understand this comment. Which is just par for the course.

        1. He can’t make any comments unless someone else makes them first. Otherwise, he won’t look like a “know it all” to his 2 supporters…

    2. First thing I thought when reading this was Biden too. He can’t keep getting away with this.

    3. CCWAM, Are you in love. Do you secretly dream Biden. You never post without mentioning him. He can’t be the reason for “everything”!

    4. Biden had nothing to do with it. This nonsense started years ago from the beginning of social media.

    5. Not the Biden effect; this awful phenomenon has been around as long as social media has been shielding nasty behavior. This is why we should never bear false witness against any person. You can easily ruin a life.

    6. Sounds more like Republicans, “who’d believe anything they hear w/o having the facts” and election fraud.

    7. I wouldn’t say Biden effect, but having grown up in this area, I had a great Childhood (social media free). I do highly agree that social media & media altogether is a big problem w/ today’s youth. The people & businesses that have been affected all over the country is very sad.

  3. I remember when they put that car on top of the reasturant….i was just a little kid at the time but my granddad was one of the people to help. Im sad to see it go.

  4. Bert is the same man who raped his own daughter and touched his grand daughters. Quit defending him

    1. With the way you, and your “service” managers, screw your customers out of their money on car repairs and service, you should have plenty to do so.

      1. Ain’t nobody screwed you out of no money, you probably just didn’t understand what they were saying what was wrong with your vehicle, I’ve always had good service from Granados.

  5. What happened, that could disrupt 35 years of business? Sounds like they had issues no one knew about.

  6. So what was the alleged crime that was suppose to have taken place that they couldn’t recover from?

  7. It’s a shame good food and good memories there sometimes when I get off work I stop by and get take out I eat in occasionally but been so busy sorry to see it close.

  8. I hope it stays open. A truly very unique place and has been for 50 years. I will be there tomorrow in case it does close. Thanks for the memories!!

  9. And this is why we can’t have nice things!!! How sad that these people’s lives and livelihood have been changed by the inconsiderate blabbing of ignorant people. I will miss their soft ice cream, as none other will do for me. I’m so very sorry that this happened.

  10. Omg why I remember when I live in mechanicville I would bring my dog bear German shepherd and wolve mixed he loved Mr Bert he stand up an wait for his bowl of vanilla ice cream no way this place will be dearly missed god bless you Mr bert

  11. My husband and I moved to the area one year ago today. I brought my grandkids to Bert’s a few times and that all they want when they visit . I’m so sorry to see you go. I pray something changes.

    1. stopped by a few times. bad food, bad service .
      kids running everywhere with no control.
      glad to see them go!

    1. Yup. Not only Bert’s but several other local businesses closing since HIS administration. FJB! People need to wake up.

  12. It’s a shame that rumor’s could damage so much. Lot of great memories over the years. God Bless.

  13. I come to your restaurant off and on since 1980, always enjoyed it, the food was good, nice family place, my kids of course loved the ice cream…sorry you are leaving….you will be missed. Thanks for many years of enjoyment! Jeanie Cox

  14. I always wanted to go there to eat but I have no car of my own and I’m single mom so I never have funds so sad it closing down I wish it wasn’t so I still had the chance to go there and enjoy it

  15. I and my sisters often stop by for a banana split after a girls day of shopping and this was our dinner! Soooo sorry to see them close.

  16. That dude above defending them is hella wrong crackheads got ahold of it due to an enabling father coughs* (bert) maybe treat your employees with respect And maybe listen to previous management place didnt shut down till bert came back and let his “grown” son take over, sad to see such a beautiful place ruined

  17. Grandchildren. Neices. Pictures in poodle skirts. Hung on Bert’s wall. Thank you for the MEMORIES and the best barbecue sandwiches. Miss already

  18. Went there once and the service was horrible, I would like to think the whole establishment was having a bad day & not because the color of my skin….. Naw couldn’t be because of my skin color….. you think

  19. Just terrible it has come down to this. Thank you Bert and Margie for your many years of serving the Southern Maryland area. Just hope the next owner(s) keeps the 50’s image and the hot rod on the roof.

  20. This is some very horrible NEWS if true to our County as well as all of Southern Maryland. I remember at the age of 13 and being interviewed by Margie and feeling like I was being interrogated at the time for many reasons mainly age, first job interview ever, as well as (Marg) explaining what the expectations were to be a employee at my childhood favorite Restaurant let alone the chance to be able to work there and if being my first job. The experience that Margie,Bert,Deb,Dave and Greg taught me for 4 years has never been forgotten. They taught me so many correct ways of dealing with customers, work area organization, Prep work for your shift, cleanliness at the upmost highest regardless of how backed up we were on orders as well as quality to the highest for every order no matter the size there was no other way but their way and it was the best as far as food and customer service goes. In the 4 yrs I worked at Bert’s I can not recall hearing of any unsatisfied customers if there was it was resolved before us that worked in the kitchen heard about it as we never did. We were also very much appreciated as employees by all of the Gagnon family at all times during my years there and still till now they always have been warming to myself and everyone I ever see go in the diner to eat or to just get take out. Bert is definitely as about as fine of a gentleman as they come and the same goes for him as a businessman he’s just a one of a kind pleasant person to know period. It’s really sad to hear that they are shutting down a Landmark of the very few left in our County due to from what I have read above and heard which sounds completely disgusting and out of their control. That family has done more for St Marys County teenagers since their opening by giving them a chance and a job as well as teaching them workforce skills that many will and have used all of their lives than any other business or organization in our County and to be put through the ringer as it appears is occurring is totally disrespectful to all of them and undeserved in everyday. I’m not almost 47 yrs young and remember the wonderful days working, eating, or just hanging out and looking at the old cars at the shows on Friday nights that Bert used to put on and the traffic would be backed up on the northbound shoulder of Rt 5 at least a 1/2 mile each way of the entrance when it was the peak of the season. You all know we lost the Halfway House for those who remembered the best fried chicken in the county for years upon years. Before that we lost the old Belvedere Restaurant best Steaks anywhere in Southern Maryland. The Crabhouses which have been ard landmarks for generations ard barely holding on due to price of crabs and scarcity. Oh and next on the chopping block is gonna be the Farmers Market in Charlotte Hall, and we just lost Wentworth Nursery in Charlotte Hall. What’s gonna be next Robots running the damn Golden Arches in Charlotte Hall. That will be real cute unmanned vehicles going through McDonald’s drive thru trying to order a #1 with a….DIET COKE. Oh your total is $47.99 please pull forward and the robot talking to nobody. True but very sad what this world is coming to as well as the people taking it to this and beyond. Bert and Margie keep your heads up as you always have my prayers with you both and the whole family

    1. You’re right about the Hallway House, The Belvedere and praying our landmark crab houses don’t leave as well. It’s the SOMD way of life. Just like the eastern shore way of life. But with all the big companies taking over and online shopping, it’s gonna happen sadly. I worked with Bert and Greg when they had the old McIlhennys in Waldorf many years ago for a short time. Bert was always a gentleman and didn’t know Greg well enough but I knew he was a ladies man and that’s all I have to say about him.
      This is all sad to see and maybe someone else will carry on the tradition.

  21. I think it’s terrible that social media can start rumors and destroy a business that’s been a staple in St.Marys County for generations. where families have enjoyed getting together, and many teenagers have had their first jobs. Unfortunate this has happened, I will miss them!

    1. Gloria; You can blame social media but it’s not the main problem. It’s the lack of parenting in our world today that is the cause of everything going wrong.
      Just read some of the comments of the mindless ones on here. Read the comments of Big Dog and a bunch of others on here, as they deny the CLEAR & FACTUAL truth, and you’ll see it first hand.

      1. Archie, no one one here denies the clear and factual truth that you are a bigot. You offer more proof almost every single day. As for mindless, please. You are living proof that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. (Anyone think he will get what I did there? Me neither.

  22. Obviously no one knows the truth behind the reason of why they are really closing. The restaurant is doing better then ever before. It’s just a lot more to it. But there was no truth to anything about drugs or any false accusations. And the menu has been completely updated n upgraded since the new year. Hopefully some got to see that but if all goes well hopefully we will see them reopen correctly this time when they find any kids or humans that take pride in there work. If they good get more help they would be back tomorrow.

  23. Omg can’t believe you are closing my friend took me to get the best burgers when I went to visit them,I’m from Ireland and am so sorry but enjoy your retirement Mary Mc Crory .

  24. You will be missed. My stepdad and mom live in Hughesville and when I would come to visit from King George we would go there. The staff was tremendous and very courteous. God bless you in what ever adventure you take.

  25. I meant Bert once or twice when I used to work for his idiot daughter, and her more of an idiot husband as an electrician. Bert was a nice guy – but –
    If either one of them had anything to do with running that place, it’s no wonder it’s shutting down. Their names are Debbie and Mike, 2 useless citizens of St Mary’s. Don’t like what I have to say, get at me…

  26. Bert & Margie, I did not believe this when I first heard. However, reading
    your story of good-bye here, I and many fire department members as well as car club & community members are greatly saddened by this news.

    Roger, Alford, Clyde and all above are looking down on you both and family as we really know this was a difficult decision.

    The rest of the family hopes that our paths will cross at the Foxy Fish in the future. This is not a good-bye from the Hamilton’s, it is a see you soon. Prayers as you enjoy your next adventure.

  27. There is a guy, Bert, not this Bert, who hasn’t made up for what hes done, who may not even know what he’s done wrong. Why can’t this place stay open & just take a vacation?

  28. We are truly saddened by this news as we loved Bert’s 50s Diner; the food and service was great; we had some nice conversations with Bert and Margie and will sorely miss them.

  29. Social media has closed an important land mark. Whoever made that false statement shut be arrested. Thanks a lot Millennial cupcakes.

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