Letter To The Editor Concerns Over Learning Environment At CCPS Kindergarten Class

LUSBY, Md. – The following letter comes from Mariam Canning of Huntingtown, Maryland. It was sent in on behalf of a group known as Calvert Parents for Education.

A few weeks ago it was brought to the attention of this community that a Calvert County Public School Kindergarten teacher from Dowell Elementary was introducing her students to a book that features a romantic love story between a male prince and a male knight. As a parent I was surprised that an adult thought this was appropriate for 5 year olds, given that it may spark deeper conversations, but equally as concerned at her attempts to double down– responding to concerned parents on social media in such a way as to indicate that a parent’s right to guide their child’s upbringing and home values will absolutely NOT be respected under her instruction.

The photo graphic of this kindergarten teacher’s post says “I will say gay & I will protect trans kids.” Which is a reference to Florida’s Parental Rights Bill that states “instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.” 

Only a staunch activist would be opposed to such reasonable limitations pertaining to OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN.  In fact, a national poll conducted by the market research technology platform Lucid, found that out of 1000 people, 37% Democrat, 32% Republican, and 31% Independent, nearly two-thirds of Americans SUPPORT the key features of Florida’s Parental Rights Bill with 8/10 respondents believing parents should be driving these conversations with their children. 

Additionally, the October 2021 Harvard CAPS/ Harris Poll revealed that 72% of Americans believe there are two genders and 62% do not believe people should be able to choose their gender or their pronouns.  Point being, this isn’t just a few right wing religious nuts complaining about Calvert County schools… but rather a general consensus denouncing such ideologies as a teachers responsibility, particularly in early elementary.

As a general rule of thumb teachers act in loco parentis, which essentially means that teachers are expected to do what the parents of their students would do if they were there.  This necessarily involves respecting the rights of parents and refraining from undermining parental authority. Courts have upheld parental rights beginning with Pierce vs. Society of Sisters (1925) all the way through Troxel vs. Granville (2000), firmly establishing the primacy of parents in who has the final say over the child’s development.

Gender ideology has caused harm and does plant seeds of confusion in our youth. In the last decade the prevalence of people identifying as transgendered in the West has increased by over 1000%. Female to male Trans has skyrocketed. The American Society for Plastic Surgery reported 46% of transitions were females in 2016, jumping to 70% only one year later. Please take some time to read detransitioning stories, it’s absolutely heartbreaking.

These classroom practices, ESPECIALLY within early elementary, violate the religious views of many, if not most, families.  These topics should be addressed by parents through their own worldview or value system at a time they deem age appropriate.

Parents do not want activist teachers shaping their young child’s thoughts pertaining to gender or sexuality without their consent. It is not hate or bigotry to define value laden boundaries for your own family. We all do it. While public schools are not religious schools and hence do not read kindergarteners books advocating a particular religion’s belief systems, it’s of equal importance to understand that religious families exist as stakeholders in this public system and to avoid intentionally subverting their values when a simple “not all families look the same” would suffice.

This isn’t necessarily representative of families in the classroom so much as the deliberate introduction of gender ideology to 5 year olds.  

Adults absolutely have the right to live their life as they see fit, in no way is this an attack on the lifestyle of LGBTQ adults or even necessarily teens who may identify on the spectrum. This is everything to do with a parent’s right to shape their own children during their most formative years. Bonnie Kerrigan Snyder in her book, Undoctrinate, sums it up succinctly “being a K-12 educator is a noble, necessary endeavor in its own right, without needing to be elevated or inflated into something different, apologized for, or expanded beyond recognition. 

Done right, the proper cultivation of young minds remains one of the most rewarding jobs there is; done wrong, the potential damage to individuals and to society is incalculable.”

Despite polling which reveals an overwhelming distaste for activism in the classroom, parents and politically moderate teachers have remained mostly silent.  The individuals pushing much of this classroom activism are aggressive and intolerant of other belief systems.  Our most significant response will come at the election polls!

There are two Board of Education seats open, primaries will be held July 19th and election day is Tuesday, November 8th.  Let’s vote for the candidates who support parental rights, apolitical classrooms, and diversity of thought!  

For information on candidates contact www.CalvertParentsForEducation.org or Power2Parent Maryland.

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      1. Vote for Scott for CCBOE when the time comes.
        He’s a traditional down to earth man who values parents role as primary in all aspects of moral authority over their children.
        That teacher should be FIRED and even SUED.

          I hope all of your kids and grandkids are so gay or so sexually fluid that you literally explode upon finding out. It’s shameful to share the same county with this type of trash.

  1. Thank you so much for expressing what so many parents feel. Activist teachers are doing a lot of harm and we will vote to protect our children.

    1. I completely agree! there should be books that are approved and not approved for grades. keep it out of primary school (pre-k-8). not sure I would want high schoolers included either.. but if *THEY* feel like *THEY* need to.. then that is your answer right there..
      *THEY* in this case would be the school system. and no, I am not using that term where you call someone who is not a gender.

    2. And the rest of us, the rational majority, will vote to protect ALL children from hate and bigotry.

  2. Perfectly written, thank you.
    Let parents be in control of those intimate discussions.

    1. I agree. SMH. not that it matters but I do see 6 books written by a gay author. I am sure the other books are too.. but I just know the bright books that look like they are illustrated by children (todd parr) are written by a gay author.

        1. They are sick and perverted and an abomination. Hollyweird had ruined this country. What you do in your bedroom is nobody business but your own.

    2. There were no intimate discussions. Just like there are no intimate discussions in children’s books featuring heteronormative relationships.

  3. man.. kindergarteners? how low can you go? seriously. this is one of the reasons my children are enrolled in a private school. I would be looking to do the same or homeschooling your children. we do not need their precious minds being twisted by teachers who do not know *WHAT* to teach. just because there are books with that material in them does not mean you have to READ them.

  4. I promise y’all will be okay, and your children will not be scarred after reading one book w a gay couple. No teacher is trying to twist your child, and the lesson I can promise you probably did not focus on them being gay. It’s 2022, why are y’all so scared

  5. Last time I checked, Jana Post was fine with what the supervisor of PE used to justify the inappropriate learning material. Check out her Facebook posts

  6. The letter writers forgot to mention that we shouldn’t let kids watch Disney movies either! No Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Tangled, Toy Story…nothing! If characters in a book, show, or movie fall in love or are in any type of romantic relationship, it’s not appropriate right?

  7. I knew I liked girls the way all my friends like boys before I knew what the word gay was. Maybe if I had teachers like this one I wouldn’t have thought I was born wrong and hated myself for so long.

    1. I’m sorry you went through this, but am grateful for you using your voice now. No one should have to grow up feeling badly about who they love or how they identify.

  8. If you don’t want your kids to get educated on the real world, then don’t have them. Small minded parenting, leads to small minded children.

  9. Having books that present a diverse representation of people is not political. LGBTQIA + people exist and have families. Children should be able to see themselves and their families in books. If you find being LGBTQIA + morally offensive, too bad. I find bigotry morally offensive. I sincerely hope that when one of your children identifies as LGBTQIA +, you will be more supportive and accepting than you are now.

    1. They’re in kindergarten you dense idiot. They have no idea what gay/trans means. Leave it alone until they are old enough to comprehend.

      1. That’s a lot of words to say “I’m a hateful bigot and want to raise my kids the same way”.

  10. This LTE is so full of cherry-picked
    nonsense it’s laughable. Pretty sure I can find a “majority” of people right here in SOMD who also believe that the local BOE decides curriculum content in our public schools. *insert eyeroll here* These are the same people who believe there are only two biological genders. Okay then, are we talking genetically? Chromosomes? Hormones? It’s all biology but science tells us there are multiple combinations of biological factors which determine gender, the least being whatever happens to develop between your legs. Seriously people. If you’re going to run for elected public office could you please educate yourselves in some basic facts before emoting/vomiting your “feelings” and personal “beliefs” in lieu of any actual knowledge of how. things. work.

    1. What are the other two biological sexes?

      You genetic sex is determine by two sex chromosomes, and your genetic sex controls your hormones. If a mismatch occurs between these two, then it is the result of an error in human development. People with medical condition that affect their sexual development are called intersex or are refereed to as having a DSD condition.

      1. Myisha,

        Von specifically used the word “gender” when posting, while you changed the subject to “sex”. The two are not interchangeable, which is perhaps why Von is challenging folks to educate themselves.

        From https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/232363:
        “People often use the terms “sex” and “gender” interchangeably, but this is incorrect. Sex and gender are different, and it is crucial to understand why.”

        This is a pro-science, non-biased website. Could be a good place to start that education.

        1. Unfortunately, these two concepts are being convoluted in our schools. Northern High lists MTF trans in the biological category on the Genderbread slide. They are teaching sex is a spectrum, vice binary with very rare outliers due to genetic conditions. We do not let outliers determine the norm. We would not consider a spectrum of 0-20 toes, even though there are people without 10 toes. This is not hate, it is common sense and science.

          There is an issue with what children are being taught. Parents do have a right to determine what is appropriate for their children.

  11. There are several private schools in St. Mary’s county that have openings in Kindergarten and first grade for next year, if the Calvert private schools are full. We live in Drum Point, but I work in St. Mary’s, and my kids are at Little Flower and it’s a terrific place! (We used to be at Dowell prior to Covid).

  12. I would love to know the teachers name!

    When my son came out it was the teachers that bullied and discriminated against him, preventing him from accessing an equal education.

    The other kids just accepted him and moved on.

    I always value teachers that actually care about my child’s well-being over a bunch of irrational bigots uneducated opinions.

  13. Let us be reasonable for a moment. It seems to me that the author’s primary complaint was that this is sensitive cultural topic (regardless of your view) and that a reasonable teacher of elementary school kids should have known that her actions were going to draw considerable scrutiny. I’m pretty sure almost none of us would generally intrude upon another parent’s rights. You would not, for example, discipline another persons kid without their permission. Likewise most parents don’t like having other people dictate values to their children (regardless of those values-its bipartisan). Her selection of the reading material was a choice, dictated by values. The teacher new better, didn’t it anyway and needs to be held accountable-not for the opinion (everyone is entitled), but for the disrespect. Getting along with each other means respecting each other enough to have the conversation and work through these things. The alternative is chaos (which we are rapidly approaching). My grandfather had it right – it comes down to respect for one another. Let’s try that for awhile – the triggering stuff is not working.

    1. My kid being trans is not some polical choice.
      It was how he was born.

      His teachers bully him at school.
      Not the other kids….the teachers.

      If a teacher took the time to make sure my kid felt SAFE and ACCEPTED? I would love them.

      Your not viewing this with all the facts.

      Like that LGBTQ+ kids and families exists and deserve an equal education too….

  14. I don’t understand. It’s like some people think hearing about being gay might convert their child to the homosexual dark side. As if sexual attraction to someone is an active choice.

    And please, please stop using gender and sex interchangeably. There are 2 primary human sexes, defined by chromosomes, and the occasional a person born w/an extra one. Gender is a societal construct that exists purely in our heads. It’s how we think each sex should behave. As an example, in the older days of the French court, it was normal for men to wear heels to appear taller. Women like tall men, right? Tall men seem more powerful, yes? Made sense then. Now it is taboo. Similarly, pink used to be worn regularly by men. It’s a changing fluid construct of what is socially appropriate according to our collective minds.

  15. The leftest one party autocratic Marxist ideology movement has been methodically in the works for approx. 50 years. Break down the family unit and you have control. They’ve for the most part successfully, by enacting liberal laws for 50 years, disintegrated the black family unit. Now they’re after the white family unit. The family is what holds the nation and it’s constitutional values together. Divide and conquer!

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