Biden's Student Loan Handout
Biden's Student Loan Handout

LEXINGTON PARK, Md. — The following letter was sent to by Marilyn Crosby of Lexington Park. Crosby is a former member of the St. Mary’s County Board of Education and a retired history teacher:

What do I think of Biden’s Student Loan Handout of half a billion dollars? First, it will fuel inflation.  Right now many have to choose between electricity for air conditioning and food on the table. 

How did I get through college? This is an account how a 76 year old woman fulfilled one of her dreams. I graduated from the University of Maryland in 1969.  We were a middle class family and our funds were limited. 

I needed money for tuition.  My mother went back to work to help. 

I earned money working several summer jobs and one during the year. I was no stranger to paying my own way.  At 12 I took care of my neighbor’s Newborn. The father liked my work so much, he hired me to work at his 

company, United Leaf Tobaccoat 18. I learned how to balance budgets and how to work with people from Switzerland and migrant workers from North Carolina. Our tobacco was used to help a cigarette burn properly.  I earned $40.00 per week.  The dollar was worth much more back then.  As an economic lesson, the more dollars in an economy the less they are worth. That friend is inflation. 

The next year my mother who worked at the Prince George’s County Courthouse, helped me get a job at the courthouse.  I was hired by a wonderful man, Chief Deputy Clerk, William R. Clay.   I learned how to audit.  Mr. Clay called me Star which flattered a young college girl. As an important aside, I met Steny Hoyer, who is now the Majority Leader of the United States House of Representatives. We were both very young at the time.  Little did I know he would become one of the most powerful men in our country.  I have followed his career ever since.  I wrote a letter to the editor noting his accomplishments and giving him my ideas on how our nation could solve problems. He sent me a very nice thank you. I just attended his annual birthday bull roast. 

My third year, my girlfriend’s mom helped me get a federal job at the Navy’s Personnel Survey’s Division.  The Director’s assistant Miss Kumfort left and the Director, Commander Williamson, assigned me to her position. The Commander’s claim to fame was having Chief Justice Earl Warren at his wedding. The Commander often took us out to lunch and told us exciting stories of his command of a destroyer in WWII.  When he went to Florida, I asked him to get me an alligator.  Well, he brought me a stuffed baby alligator. I named it Cecil and recently gave it to my grandson, Ransom. 

My last year, I returned to the Navy Yard where they took into consideration my college and paid me as a GS 4. I made good money to devote to college. I worked for a psychologist, Dr. Deputy. I worked with sociologists who made surveys for US Navy personnel. They concerned such subjects as why people reinlisted. 

During the school years I worked for the University food service.  I did a variety of things such as serving at banquets, throwing dough for pizza, preparing meals, and working the cash register. My most memorable moment was when I was nervous about frying an egg.  After the gentleman ate it he told me that was the best fried  

egg he ever had. 

All of these experiences led me to meeting extraordinary individuals, learning different skills, having fun, and most importantly, having the satisfaction of paying my own way!!! 

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  1. First off, this is not likely to fuel inflation. Anyone stating this really isn’t paying attention. Loan payments have been suspended since 2020 due to Covid and are not going to restart until Jan 2022. Telling people they don’t have to pay back $10k that they already are not paying, won’t change the metrics. Also, no one is getting handed a check for $10k. Secondly, the author’s experience from over 55 years ago is completely irrelevant and has nothing to do with anything. The plain fact of the matter is that these kids and their parents signed a promissory note to pay back what they borrowed. A $10,000 loan payment over 10 years amounts to about $100 a month in payments. Very few people can’t make that payment. Most of these kids and their parents spend more on their monthly cell phone bill. There is simply no justification for this blanket loan forgiveness.

  2. All this letter does is illustrate that someone had family connections growing up that they want to flaunt, thinks “meeting important people” is a valid way for everyone to get jobs to afford to pay for school, and that somehow a person whose career revolves around education didn’t learn how to write a cohesive paper.

  3. Once she stated her mom worked at PG county courthouse and got her a job there as well, I quit reading this opinion piece she grew up with nepotism and now she mad about $10k loan forgiveness

  4. Yea her past experience and connections has nothing to do with this story and it is BS about paying these student loans because we all know it has to come from somewhere and it’s called “our taxes”. If you deny that then you’re a fkg idiot

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