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LEONARDTOWN, Md. – During the St. Mary’s County Planning Commission meeting on Aug. 8, the board held a public hearing where they unanimously approved the site plan for a Magic Tunnel Car Wash along Three Notch Road.

Magic Tunnel Car Wash is an automated car wash that uses premier equipment to provide people with “the cleanest vehicles.” After washing the car, the company allows customers to use their self-serve vacuums.

The new Magic Tunnel Car Wash will be at 23028 Three Notch Rd., California, Maryland. The county lists this site plan as medium-intensity use, which means the county plans to create a large-scale commercial and residential use for the area.

In terms of St. Mary’s Comprehensive Plan, this car wash will be in the Lexington Park development district, which would make the car wash in the same area as the new apartment buildings approved a week before this meeting.

They designed the area for intensive residential, commercial, and industrial development. 

As a result, this site plan was consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and will promote the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

Although the car wash was up for discussion at the public hearing, the applicant still needs to get approval from the land use growth and maintenance environmental planner. 

With the success of the Magic Car Wash in Prince Frederick, the developers and owners are expecting more success in St. Mary’s, which had them enlarge the design for the site during the plan’s development stages, said John Got, a civil engineer on the project.

“Actually, we increased the size and capability of the site, and it was based on the market study,” Got said. “Even more than that, we have 42,000 cars per day on Route 4 and Prince Frederick. This is like 61,000 a day.”

After discussing the logistics, the commission opened the floor to the public to comment. However, there was only one person who had a commentary on the subject.

“There’s already three car washes within a 1.5 miles, and to me, I don’t think we need a fourth car wash,” said Jim Hodges. 

Along with the area being car wash heavy, the area is heavily congested with traffic, Hodges said. 

On the contrary, Got said he believes the placement of the car wash is close enough to access lanes for traffic, and the area still needs their services.

Following comments from members of the commission, they went on to unanimously vote to conditionally approve the site plan, which means the plan is approved as long as it meets county standards.

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  1. TBH, I used the one in PF, and it really wasn’t that great (I generally wash my own car, but in the winter I may use a wash for the underside). Personally, and this is not a hidden ad for them, the one at Tom Hodges is pretty darn good. But, like Ben said, another car wash, gas stations (tulagi place Royal Farms, the old Golden Corral, Harris Teeter, Royal Farms Hollywood, Royal Farms Charlotte Hall). Growing up everyone said we don’t want to become Waldorf……..too late.

    1. As as long as St Mary’s, California, Lexington Park is home to a Naval Base they are continue to build and build. St Marys government is building everything to attract people to the base and it only continue. I live in Calvert and I’m glad St Murrays have built up the last 20 yrs I can do my shopping across the bridge instead of traveling to Waldorf or Annapolis.

      1. They don’t have to build the same garbage over and over though. We could use some activities for kids and their families to hang out and have fun together without having to drive far.

  2. I’m with Ben too. They seemingly think the more businesses/housing they can tax, the better. Putting a car wash near already overtaxed roads is ridiculous.

  3. The California area is becoming the next Waldorf. I don’t go there because it’s too congested and when California becomes the same, I won’t go there either.

  4. Why can’t we get a Nick’s or Trader Joe’s etc…? Something different around here. There’s car washes & they aren’t all that full.

    1. With Giant, Harris Teeter, Super Walmart and Alidi, the last thing California needs is another grocery store, there is too much competition, thats the reason Weis and Mckays went out of business.

      1. We do need grocery. Our stores are crowded and they can’t keep shelves stocked. Weis sucks/Ed. Food Lion sucks/Ed. Giant is small. Aldis even with the remodel is small and always out of stock on items. HT is mediocre but has too many patrons to keep stocked. We need a higher tier grocery store to keep the others one from letting quality slip. I have never lived in a place where I have to go to 5-6 stores to get a basic food list fulfilled.

  5. I go to the Magic Tunnel in Prince Frederick. It’s awesome. We need one in the northern part of the county. The commissioners need to get public water & sewer established up north first though.

  6. What’s really ridiculous is people paying someone, other than a charity fund raiser or neighborhood kid, to wash their car. How lazy do you have to be?

  7. Yes put some thing in the county for children to do,northern part of the county.maybe it will stop some of the crime

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