HOLLYWOOD, Md. – On August 21, 2022, at approximately 11:19 a.m., a motor vehicle collision was reported near 26401 Jones Wharf Road in Hollywood.

The accident involved a single vehicle that drove off road into a nearby yard and eventually striking a tree.

There was reportedly one male patient who was the operator of the vehicle. MSPAC Trooper 7 was requested to the scene for transport.

The helicopter landed in a nearby field and transported the patient to Capital Regional Trauma Center.

We will continue to provide any updates as they become available.

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    1. CAUSE? Disorder in: driving skill, judgement, knowlege, and ability. This car was despised as it regularly raced about the community without any muffler and with a loud backfiring engine. Apparently, somehow, in his disorder of thought he related the noise he made to his status as an important idiot. No one will miss the car and it should have been declared illegal to drive without a functional muffler.
      ——- Thankfully he never did hit a child or pedestrian.

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