NANJEMOY, Md. – On August 24, 2022, at approximately 1:38 a.m., first responders were alerted to a motor vehicle collision reported on Riverside Road in Nanjemoy.

When units arrived, they discovered a single vehicle that had crashed into a ditch.

The caller who reported the accident had attempted calling the driver, but got no response.

The caller also advised units that they were on Facetime with the driver when they crashed.

The driver was later reported to be deceased.

It is unclear at this time what caused the accident, and if the driver may have been under the influence.

We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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  1. Well it says the driver was Face timing at the time of the accident so I would say that had something to do with it.

      1. Unfortunately it is necessary, however disrespectful the comment was…..

        This may not be the platform to bring awareness, but I’d argue every chance you get to bring awareness to focus on driving and nothing else, you should take it.

        But I agree, it feels like that comment was disrespectful and not motivated by good intentions.

        1. Wow look at you, being an advocate for absolutely nothing! You never know the whole story or what someone is going through, so let’s just let the family and friends mourn without having to post comments stating the obvious.

    1. You can shut your mouth. You didn’t know anything at all. keep your terrible comments to yourself.

  2. She was FaceTiming and possibly under the influence. We all know what happened, don’t make excuses. Yes it’s sad but it was her own mistake unfortunately.

    1. Look at you, being an advocate for absolutely nothing. Although this may or may not have caused the accident (other things may have contributed to her swerving), you never know what a person is going through and now her family should be able to mourn in peace without people commenting the obvious.

  3. It’s a tragedy that a life was lost. I do feel allot of are caused by cell phone use. Something needs to be done about this. Too many lives have been lost. Cell phone use should be disabled when a car is in drive.

  4. At 1:38. On FaceTime. What was the caller so worried about. Obviously making sure she was getting home safe. But why.

  5. Unfortunately it’s a fatality and my prayers are upon the family May God’s blessings be upon them at this time and forever more. I do have concerns about FaceTime while driving and if so pull over and turn the vehicle off please.

  6. Everyone is getting butt hurt over the comment about FaceTime because it wasn’t their loved one that got hit and or killed! But if their loved one got killed they would be screaming and cussing and calling names! Remember people if you are driving YOU are not supposed to be on any handheld device!

    1. Preach on. Funny how people look at things, huh? Had this person taken out one of my loved ones, I would be beyond frustrated with their selfishness.

    2. Look at you, being an advocate for absolutely nothing! Although this may or may not have caused the accident (keep in mind you don’t know what other things may have contributed to her swerving because you never know what someone else is going through), her family and friends should be able to mourn this loss without ignorant people like yourself commenting the obvious. If your child made a mistake and lost their life doing it and someone wrote invalid, pointless remarks on their article, you’d be enraged. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and grow up 🙂

  7. Just horrible. I lost my brother in a car accident. So sad when someone you love dies young.
    I don’t know how this poor fellow died, but please everyone, drive carefully.

  8. People do need to keep commenting how easily this distracted driver could’ve killed someone else. As a motorcycle rider I have close calls with texters and the such, it is an epidemic. Just like when a fellow rider gets themselves killed stunt riding, this tragic death was avoidable

  9. But it didn’t happen have some respect for the family that lost a really good person. Close friends know what really went down. Don’t act like you know everything

  10. Everyone is worried about facetime…..you don’t know that she was holding her phone. Could have been in a holder or on the car’s screen. That is nooo different than talking to someone in the car.

  11. You guys are sick, the ONLY thing that should be said is “my condolences”. The article says they were in FaceTime NOT that the device was IN HER HANDS, maybe it was on a dock, never the less someone just lost their life and instead trying to make it easier for loved ones you’re blaming a deceased person for their death. How pitiful please seek help. Rip beautiful I hope you’re doing well up there

    1. You realize manufacturers disable the drive and watch DVD feature on cars for this reason right? You do realize you can still be pulled over for reckless driving if you’re watching a screen and all over the road? Whether the phone is docked on a platform or in your hand. You’re focused on a screen and not the road. Also..why do you need to FaceTime while driving? If this person would have hurt someone else..you wouldn’t be saying what you’re saying. In fact..people do get killed by others doing exactly what this person was doing. Don’t justify being distracted and driving.cause chances are..YOU do it and think you’re on a godly level of multitasking..when you just haven’t had your number picked.

  12. Hope the family finds closure on this! Also, comments complaining about the facetime comment; youre the problem with America. You people don’t want to hear the truth. You’d rather it be sugar coated. Words hurt your feelings..and reality is just your own world. go to prison and act like you do, or go to El Salvador and sugarcoat stuff and see how fast you get a reality check. Stop being babies. We used to publicly hang people..and you can’t even take a word?

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