To The Editor:

I am very disturbed by the results of the proceedings relative to my grandfather’s murderer. It’s heartbreaking and disappointing and I feel this killer’s early release would be unjust. 

The public defender offered up accolades as to his “changed” nature, but the fact still remains that this “mild mannered, kind and thoughtful” man murdered a man in cold blood.  My grandfather’s life was cut far too short by this man’s actions, robbing him and us of the opportunity to share our lives. 

At age 50, it’s still as vivid an event as it was that fateful day. The fears it created in that 10-year-old are alive and well today. When the second life sentence was disappointedly reduced to 45 years, I had at least a small amount of relief that he would serve an additional six years in prison. His early release makes my stomach turn.

Also, I find the implication that he murdered my grandfather in self-defense outrageous. My grandfather did not live to tell his side of the “exchange of gunfire.” Regardless of who fired the first shot, my grandfather had every right to defend himself, his granddaughter, his home and his possessions. 

There seemed to be little mention that the killer had robbed the house twice before. This was his third visit to my grandfather’s house with ill intent. 

Bottom line, Honorable Judge Abrams’ remark, “You’ll be alive and you’ll be free, which, of course, Mr. Tippett will never be” was a statement of true fact. I appreciate her acknowledgement of our loss.

Susan Trevino

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