Pax River Announces Minor Road Construction Across Base Sept. 2 – Oct. 15

NAVAL AIR STATION PATUXENT RIVER, Md. – Naval Air Station Patuxent River is scheduled to complete minor road construction projects beginning Sept. 2, 2022 for installation of speed tables at critical intersections throughout the base.

Speed tables are small, flat-topped speed bumps designed to slow traffic. NAS Patuxent River will install the speed tables at high-traffic crosswalks to improve pedestrian safety.

Command leadership instituted sweeping traffic safety reforms after reviewing traffic patterns over the past year. In addition to excessive speeding, pedestrian and bicyclist safety was found to be at risk. Pax River responded by lowering most speed limits around the base, as well as commissioning speed tables at well-used crosswalks.

The speed table installation schedule is as follows*:

• Shaw Road near Gate 3 roundabout: Sept. 2-3 (roundabout will remain open)

• Buse Road between Davis Spur and Clinic: Sept. 9-10

• Tate Road between VX-1 and VX-20: Sept. 16-17

• Cedar Point Road between Jackson Rd and Ranch Road: 23-24 SEP

• Buse Road past ASTC to the Auto Hobby Shop at Keane Road: 30 SEP-1 OCT

• Cuddihy Road between the NEX Gas Station and Unaccompanied Barracks: Oct. 7-8

• Cedar Point Road between MWR Tickets office and base theater (detour via Keane Road): Oct. 14

• Whalen Road outside of Supply Building: Oct. 14-15

*subject to change

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  1. Maybe they should get more cops to write tickets instead of punishing everyone with “traffic control” devices.

  2. “well used crosswalks”? I’ve seen one pedestrian at the Gate 3 traffic circle in the 15 years I’ve been here.

    1. Spot on. These idiots are so risk adverse and are attempting to use traffic devices under the guise of safety for non-existent pedestrians. No different than the MWR annex allowing one kid in the pool at a time with the slides. They have 6 lifeguards on duty monitoring 8 people in a pool and still run it like a work camp. It’s no fun for anyone.

  3. How would this effect an emergency vehicle trying to get from point A to B? How would it effect vehicles that are towing (damage to towed vehicle)? I recall the days when I was a police officer at Pax. We would set up at “hot spots” for traffic control. Seems there could be another way without costing more tax money. Louis C. Dunn, Jr. previous Pax Police Officer.

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