A Look At Smokers Delight BBQ, A Growing Local Barbecue Business

WHITE PLAINS, Md. — BBQ lovers rejoice as a new brand of BBQ is taking Southern Maryland and the whole DMV by storm. 

Smokers Delight BBQ is the new BBQ sensation that is taking over stores all over Calvert and St. Mary’s County.

This business was the brainchild of Brian Israel, who has been in the BBQ business since May 2013. 

Originally, he only cooked for his friends and family, until he was hired to cook his BBQ for a cigar lounge. After that, his business morphed into the local powerhouse that it is today.

TheBayNet.com was able to get into contact with Israel to discuss some aspects of his business.

What made you want to open up a BBQ business in Southern Maryland and how did you get into BBQ in the first place?

“I was a deputy sheriff in Arlington, VA. On my days off, I would get on the grill and BBQ for family and friends. This would bring everyone together to enjoy and experience a good time over food (BBQ) and music.

I got really good at it, and it became a labor of love and passion for me… so I decided to take a chance at my love and passion for BBQ.” 

I resigned from the sheriff’s office and got a BBQ food trailer and hit the streets of Southern Maryland. My BBQ became some of the best BBQ in town, and all of my customers wanted a physical brick-and-mortar place to come to enjoy and experience my awesome BBQ.

In November, I opened up my first BBQ carryout restaurant in White Plains, MD, and since then we have become one of the DMV’s favorite BBQ spots.”

How much are you hoping to expand your business?

“I plan on expanding Smokers Delight BBQ to P.G. County, Baltimore County, and Jersey. I can really see making it into a franchise company.”

Smokers Delight is currently located in White Plains, MD at 4550 Crain Hwy, Ste 103.

More information can be found at their website https://www.smokersdelightbbq.com/.

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    1. I was really excited after reading this article, and wanted to view their menu prior to driving 40 mins to see what they offered. So I clicked on the website and only got info on their catering services and the hours for the take out location in White Plains? Hopefully they will see my comment and update their website and add their menu.

    2. It’s really not that great. It’s average at best and overpriced. I used to go to his setup Fridays out front of the dispensary.

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