NiJee Pierre McWillis
NiJee Pierre McWillis
NiJee Pierre McWillis

WALDORF, Md. – On May 6, a Charles County Grand Jury indicted NiJee Pierre McWillis, a Charles County correctional officer, with two misdemeanor charges: misconduct in office and unauthorized access to computers and related material.

UPDATECharles County Sheriff’s Correctional Officer Pleads Guilty To Misdemeanor Charge

McWillis had already been relieved of his duties and suspended in March of 2022 after the Agency was made aware that he was alleged to have violated the privacy of an arrestee’s cell phone during the booking process.

In accordance with Agency policy, the CCSO’s Office of Professional Responsibility conducted an administrative investigation and the Criminal Investigations Division collaborated with the Charles County State’s Attorney’s Office to address the potential violations of Maryland Law.

On May 10, McWillis, a four-year-veteran of the Agency, was served a criminal summons to appear in court.

Sheriff Troy D. Berry said, “I want to keep our community up to date on this investigation and reassure them that we investigated these allegations to the fullest extent. This correctional officer’s actions are contrary to the values and the professionalism of the Agency.” 

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office is committed to maintaining public trust and encourages anyone with a complaint to contact the agency or submit a complaint via the CCSO website:

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  1. It is alarming what cops can do and get away with. Good ole boys one lies and the other swears to it

  2. What about others that had done far worse? What about excessive force. Wrongful detained and etc! Let’s punish all , not make example of a minor or trainable offense!

  3. I’ll break from the normal posts that encourage the downfall of society, but I’ll be brief because I’m gainfully employed and only have a few minutes during my lunch break to respond, unlike most of the others with copious free time.

    Overly vague report. The guy was probably doing the right thing, but constricted by nonsensical policy.

    Everything is managed by exception now and it’s harder to attract and retain talent in many functional areas of society because of it. Teachers, police, you name it – it’s very challenging to accept the rules of engagement when they are tailored for those that want to be the exception or cheat in some other way.

  4. This doesn’t make much sense, I’m sure some important facts are missing from this article.

  5. Retrain, probation put that trained man back on shift he I bet he is familiar with areas people and what can be situations he is keen to pick up on a possible level in intuition or a gut feeling. Law and order for life.

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